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Lizard King, Mixed Media, 

Just finished a piece for my friend Bridget Ore, also a fantastic artist. She writes and draws online in a sketch blerg. Ya'll know what a blerg is!? If not, then be sure to drop by and step your life game up! (jp)

As you are working on a piece, as usual, you come up with your own critiques but some in mind are too much of a change. The main one for me is that I wish I had made the king into a chameleon so I can play with the scope quality of the eye. It also would've communicated the camouflage concept a bit better as well. Because I am color blind, I stay away from greens and reds (even though red is my favorite color). But I am usually keep away from greens, so when my friend asked for something tropical with a rain forest and lizards, I was a bit shook. I know I have painted green people before thinking it was brown (smh). Lots of foliage and simple concept made this one fun to paint. Good Karma!