Illustration Friday- Creature

 Flight Distance, mixed media

 Flight Distance sketch, Pencil, Ballpoint, Prismacolor Markers

Glow, mixed media

The word for this week's Illustration Friday is "creature." My original idea was a moth concept. I actually redid the moth piece 3 times and ended up throwing away the others. Even this current piece wasn't finished before I took it to Photoshop. I honestly had difficulty with painting fur as well as the texture of the eyes and gave up.

The final piece is just a hybrid creature I made up. I combine some favorite animals of mine and added a package to inform some kind of concept. Special delivery from Koopa-troopa-penguin-fish! I also collaged a bit and added lyrics from a new Eminem song called "Stronger Than I Was" from his new Marshall Mathers LP 2. Just trying to give that "vintage mail" look.

Here are the lyrics:

Cause you left and you took everything I had left
And left nothing, nothing for me
So please don't wake me from this dream, baby
We're still together in my head
And you're still in love with me
Till I woke up to discover that that dream was dead